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PICKUP LOCATION - Vans can be picked up at our office, conveniently located in Edina, Minnesota, just minutes west of 169 . Address: 7613 Washington Ave, Edina, MN 55439

PICKUP AND DROP OFF HOURS -Unless special arrangements are made, the following requirements apply:
   1. Rentals may be picked up between 3pm and 5pm the day of departure
   2. Vans must be returned by 10am the final day of rental. Failure to return the van on time may result in loss of deposit.

PAYMENT POLICY -Rental payment will be charged upon approval of your booking. If insurance through MBA is purchased, proof of payment must be submitted to Luxury Travel Vans at least one day prior to pickup. An additional security deposit of $2500 will be charged at the time of pick up, and refunded upon return and inspection of the van.

CANCELLATION POLICY -Free cancellation with full refund available within 24 hours after reservation. There is a flat of $300 cancellation fee for any cancellation after the first 24 hours for any booking with vehicle pick up date within two weeks from the booking date. For advanced bookings, we have 3 weeks cancellation policy.

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE - Not available at this time.

MECHANICAL REPAIR POLICY - If for any mechanical breakdown, please call us or text us immediately. You can visit a Mercedes dealership or local auto shop for repair, but please make sure to keep all receipts of repairs for the reimbursement. If you are not able to get van repaired, then you will need to find a suitable vehicle for your convenience. Unfortunately, we are not responsible for your replacement rental. We will terminate rental agreement from the time of mechanical failure and reimburse the remaining money.

RETURN OF RENTAL VEHICLES -Vehicle must be returned to the rental location as per rental agreement date and time. You must notify us if there are any changes in return date and time. At the time of return, rental vehicle tank must be full. If tank is not full, then we will be charging $5/gallon to fill up the tank. As per rental agreement, van must be clean and shouldn’t have any damage along with smoking smell. Otherwise, deposit will be captured for any detailed cleaning. Return inspection may take up to 24-48 hours, you will be responsible for any extra cost involved related to cleaning and damage to the vehicle.

INSURANCE - You must be over 25 years of age to drive our vehicle with 100,000/300,000 liability insurance and Collision Coverage with major auto insurance companies.

ENTERTAINMENT - All entertainment amenities are complimentary. We are not responsible if any one of these complimentary amenities are out of order. Customers are responsible to return the audio/visual equipment’s without any damage.

SAFETY -Our vans have a high roof. You may not go through any parking garage or drive through that’s less than 12 feet clearance. You must obey all traffic rules and regulations. Do not drive in extreme weather conditions to avoid the damage to the van, especially during hailstorms.

WEEKEND/HOLIDAY HOURS -We do not allow rental pick up or drop off after 5 PM. If you have rented a vehicle for 7 days or more, and if your pick up or drop off dates fall on holidays, we will make sure to be there for you.

ACCIDENT/EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE -Please call 911 for any emergency or accident. You must file police report and inform us immediately. Do not forget to take pictures of incidents and make sure to text us at 123-458-7890.

FUEL TYPE -All vans run on DIESEL fuel. You can also verify the fuel type inside the fuel tank flap.

NO SMOKING POLICY -Our all vans are Non-Smoking. Smell of cigarette or marijuana smoke at return will result in captured deposit for cleanup and detailing fee.

RENTAL REQUIREMENTS -Anybody who plans on driving our vehicle must meet the following requirements:
   1. You must have a valid US driver’s license.
   2. If you are from a foreign country, you may need to secure a non- owner’s policy from an insurance company here in the US.
   3. You must be over 25 years of age to drive our vehicle.

TICKETS / TOLLS / TRANSPONDERS / EZ-PASS ETC - During the time of rental period, renters are responsible for all violations including toll fees, parking fees, red light camera tickets etc. If your fine remains unpaid and we receive a delinquent violation notice, we will charge an administration fee in addition to the fine to pay and process it on your behalf.

IMPORTANT - Customer is responsible to verify all amenities in van and make sure everything works fine in vehicle before leaving rental location with rental vehicle. Once customer leaves the rental location and for any reason any amenities stop working or doesn’t work as expected in van such as music, Smart TV, AC/DC Adapter and similar amenities, customer cannot return vehicle and ask for refund. At this point rental contract is considered final and non-refundable. Customer cannot return and ask for refund for the rental vehicle. You agree to return van on decided return date and time. If you need to extend the rental period, make sure to call ahead of the time based on your travel time and distance from the drop off location to check availability. We cannot guarantee rental extension considering other rental commitments. We will try to adjust as much as we can to accommodate rental period extension. We appreciate your cooperation.